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Artist Statement

Art is the visual language of communication. To date much has been said in the visual dialogue and, as an artist, my intention is to add to this discourse. Sculpture is the branch of art in which I choose to work. What I want to convey or the point I wish to expound upon determines my choice of media.

I have studied art at John Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana; Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado; Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas; and The University of Houston, Houston, Texas.

Some of my commission work includes: design, execute and install eight, three foot diameter copper bezels for the chapel in St Josephs Hospital, Houston, Texas; cast bronze figure for Thomas Buckley, Houston, Texas; cast bronze piece for Chris Simpson, Houston, Texas; brass, copper and silver Dogwood wall hanging, two steel and stone deck use serving tables for Debbie and David Robinson, Roswell, George.

My work is currently being displayed at Amici Restaurant, 709 W Parkwood, Friendswood, TX 77546

I create in steel, brass, copper, silver, gold, cast bronze, and collage assemblages. Each media lends itself to differing styles, allowing me a wide range of avenues for conversation. God has given me these creative talents and abilities. I use them to communicate through three-dimensional objects the thoughts, feelings, and experiences common to all people.

Jeffrey Bishop
Pearland, Texas